About VFPS – For Service Providers

If you provide employment services for individuals with disabilities, you may be interested in becoming a Vocational Futures Planning and Support or VFPS service provider.

VFPS offers a framework for planning employment developed specifically for people with significant physical disabilities. To help overcome substantial challenges, VFPS offers individualized strategies and support. It is comprehensive, team-based and consumer-directed.

Become a Provider

People with disabilities can, and do, work in all areas of the workforce. To find out if VFPS would be a good fit for your organization, review these information materials below.

Following are some resources to help you find out more about VFPS.

Find out answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Vocational Futures Planning and Support (VFPS).

Find out more myths and misconceptions about employment for people with disabilities and Vocational Futures Planning and Support (VFPS).

Find out more about VFPS by watching this overview presentation..

Find out even more about Vocational Futures Planning and Support (VFPS) with this Next Steps presentation.

After reviewing these materials, if you are interested in becoming a provider, here are some next steps:


Resources for Current Providers

Materials to Share

As a provider, these materials are essential tools to share with funders, co-workers, and participants.

Share Your Outcomes

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