Testimonials about VFPS submitted by Western Wisconsin Cares for their Pathways to Independence 2011 Employment Grant Final Report

My member and I have been satisfied with the VFPS program. What I have appreciated about it as a case manager is that I have not only gotten to know my member better because of it, but I have had more involvement in the process of his development of employment goals and options than I ever have in previous experiences with traditional DVR services.

At this time, the three remaining members (6 originally started the pilot program) have very good potential for finding integrated employment. Each has a few phases of the process to complete, but are making great strides towards their employment goal with the assistance of their resource teams.

Western WI Cares would recommend VFPS as an organized and established method of effectively assisting members to work through the challenges of finding integrated employment opportunities.

I believe my member’s self-esteem has improved as a result of his involvement in VFPS. He has shown tremendous initiative and he has benefited from the positive feedback he’s received from his resource team because of this initiative. I believe he has seen, as a result of involvement in VFPS, that he does have many employment options available to him and that he is hopeful about his employment outcome.

I like that there is a “resource team” and that there are tighter timelines and regular meetings that allow for better and clearer communication than the traditional DVR services. I think all of this works together so that my member’s chance of obtaining and maintaining community employment that he finds meaningful will be much higher than if he were going through the traditional DVR services. I feel like this is a much more customized and logical approach to employment services for people with disabilities.

inBrief: Issue Brief of the NTAR Leadership Center, Number 8, September 2011 (National Technical Assistance and Research Center to Promote Leadership for Increasing the Employment and Economic Independence of Adults with Disabilities)Using Medicaid Funding to Support the Employment of People with Disabilities: A Federal Framework


This brief discusses the federal legislative and regulatory framework for funding employment supports in Medicaid, and highlights examples of state innovations and best practices for using Medicaid to promote positive employment outcomes.

Wisconsin Vocational Futures Planning

Wisconsin uses the flexibility of habilitation and case management services to provide comprehensive employment supports to individuals with physical disabilities and the elderly. The Vocational Futures Planning program provides a wide array of supports that enable an individual to plan for employment, including assessment, assistance with job search activities, and a comprehensive analysis of the impact that working will have on public benefits. Individuals in the Vocational Futures Planning program also receive assistance coordinating employment activities with other necessary health care services, including long-term care.

Through the program, employment is included as a component of the individual’s care plan under the Medicaid waiver. Employment barriers are identified and a plan to address those barriers and engage in employment is created. The Vocational Futures Planning program then coordinates services that are available through the waiver with other health, social, and vocational services, such as Vocational Rehabilitation.

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