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Despite multiple programs and policy initiatives to facilitate higher employment rates for people with disabilities, employment rates have remained stable or declined over the last decade. In Wisconsin, the employment rates for people with physical disabilities are even more discouraging. Data from a 2011 Department of Health Services Division of Long-Term Support, Office of Independence and Employment indicated that only 3% of people with physical disabilities in Wisconsin’s long-term care system are employed.

Vocational Futures Planning and Support or VFPS employment strategies are designed specifically to meet the challenges and needs of people with physical disabilities. To help overcome substantial challenges, VFPS offers individualized strategies and support. It is comprehensive, team-based and consumer-directed.

There are a number of ways that organizations can get funding to provide VFPS services to individuals with physical disabilities. The most likely source of funding is federal, state, or local government agencies. Private foundations and a fee-for-service system are also options. For potential funders of VFPS services, following is more information about VFPS and how it works to increase employment outcomes for people with physical disabilities.

More About VFPS

To maintain fiscal responsibility, funders must balance individual preferences and needs with cost-effective services. Additionally, funders who outsource supports to service provider agencies want assurances that the services being provided are an appropriate match for the consumer’s needs and desired goals. Lastly, funders also want outcomes to be achieved in a reasonable timeframe.

Service organizations that provide high fidelity VFPS services meet the interests of funding agencies in the following ways:

Assurance of Efficiency and Forward Progress

Focus on Individualized Outcomes

Support to Develop Attainable Goals

Increasing Independence

Practicing with Fidelity


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Who is VFPS for?

VFPS employment strategies are designed to provide support to individuals with physical disabilities who want to become employed, start a business, or maintain current employment.

Through the VFPS process, participants learn to navigate a complicated service system, access community resources, and understand their assets and barriers to employment. The VFPS model works best with people who:

  • Want to work, but have a physical disability that makes it difficult for them to find or keep
    a job
  • Are not sure what they want to do
  • Are confused or concerned about how working will impact their benefits
  • Are not sure what support they will need to reach their employment goal
  • Are motivated be an active participant in achieving their employment goals
  • Are comfortable sharing information about their life and exploring new ideas
  • Are willing to work with a Resource Team

For more information, take a look at the VFPS participant guide.


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